TenStep PB Company Licenses

This TenStep PB product is developed under a license with the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. TenStep PB is available as a value-added option to companies that purchase a TenStep license.

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Note - Individual TenStep PB Licenses are not currently being offered



Access to online hyperlinked PMBOK® Guide

Access to integrated PMBOK® Guide and TenStep Process in PDF downloadable eBook

Access to TenStep PB Template Library

License to use in an organization or company

Optional CD version of website content

Access to content on www.TenStep.com

Valuable synergy and efficiency will be gained by having your entire organization adopt a common project management methodology on all projects. This helps the project manager, project team and the client organization better understand what is required to manage a project. As people move from team to team and use the same process again, you will find that projects run more smoothly and require much less start-up time.

TenStep PB was developed for companies that are interested in a common methodology for managing work, but who would like to utilize the PMBOK® Guide. TenStep PB contains the complete hyperlinked content of the PMBOK® Guide, along with all of the detailed processes, procedures, best practices and templates of the TenStep® Project Management Process. TenStep PB would also be a perfect product for companies who are sponsoring project managers for the PMP® certification.

The value to the organization comes not only from the usage of the TenStep PB process, but also from freeing up your resources from having to maintain and update the methodology in the future. Few organizations view the creation, update and maintenance of a project management methodology as one of their core business competencies. Using the TenStep process allows your company to outsource the creation and ongoing maintenance of a methodology, allowing your people to work on providing value to your clients. Licensing of the TenStep process is also much less expensive than having internal resources build and maintain an internal project management methodology for your organization.

We encourage you to consider licensing the TenStep® Project Management Process, with the TenStep PB option, for your entire organization. The TenStep PB option is only 25% over the price of the standard TenStep® Project Management Process license. If you have already licensed the TenStep® Project Management Process, please mention that in the comments section of the license form on the www.TenStep.com website (see link
below), and you may receive TenStep PB for only the 25% incremental payment. 

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